3 Ways to Boost Protein Intake by Using AMN Whey Protein.

December 30, 2019

3 Ways to Boost Protein Intake by Using AMN Whey Protein.

Protein plays a huge role in our diets. A few of those roles include helping us build and repair lean muscle tissue, stay fuller longer, and even curb those inevitable holiday cravings that leave us feeling guilty and overstuffed. When we add protein into our everyday food and drinks, we find a few more ways to achieve the benefits that it gives us, as well as add some fun flavors into these previously bland items.


Using a hand blender that you can order on Amazon, whey protein powder in coffee is a frothy, creamy treat. Not to mention the combination of caffeine and protein will help suppress your appetite for longer than plain coffee. This can be a meal replacement or a nice way to ease into intermittent fasting if you are someone who is considering it but still needs something to sustain your morning. My favorite AMN protein to use is our Snickerdoodle, which makes coffee taste like warm cinnamon sugar goodness. What could be cozier on a cold winter morning?


Mix protein powder into oats and almond milk for a perfect 1:1 balanced protein to carb ratio meal. Oats contain a significant amount of fiber to help move things along through your digestive tract- perfect for when you’re indulging in those tasty holiday treats. Add some berries, cinnamon, and a dollop of nut butter for your healthy fats and you will be energized through the afternoon. The healthy fats will My favorite AMN protein to add into oats is Vanilla Ice Creme, which makes it taste like a vanilla milkshake. 


As if yogurt isn’t already a protein packed food, adding whey protein can boost the flavor, consistency, and protein composition of this tangy treat. Aim for plain nonfat Greek yogurt and blend a scoop of protein in with a spoon. This will deliver the best low fat snack to help combat cravings. My favorite AMN protein flavor to add into yogurt is Caramel Latte, which gives plain yogurt a delicious coffee taste and a swirl of sweetness.