5 tips to a Lean Flat Belly!
Ginger Kutschbach May 08, 2018

What if I told you that you could have abs in 12 days!!! Well then I would be full of shit. Seriously! I get so mad every time I see an add with lies of instant gratification.  Unless you're already lean with muscle then you will not be seeing those sought after brick muscles under those layers of adipose tissue you have worked so hard for.  (Adipose tissue is fat) 

Im not saying give up by any means, Im just telling you that you will have to work a little harder for it then those fake adds are claiming.  How long it will take depends on your commitment level, dedication to the project, and your starting point.  If you look like Olive Oil from Popeye then you will shred up in no time. If you look like you have never missed an opportunity to eat a hamburger in your life, then you have a bit more work to do.

It is true what "they" say. Abs are made in the kitchen.  You can twist, crunch, and double back spin handspring burpee all you want... if you are not eating correctly then you will never see the results of all your hard work you put in the gym.  So you will have to decide what do you want more- three minutes of bliss from eating whatever garbage made you fat, or telling your lover to leave the lights on tonight because you know you look good AF.

My goal in life is to better the world by helping people look good naked. So I have made a list of 5 very important factors that contribute to the success of this global project. 

1. Stay away from sugar!  Thats right fatty... put the donut down! I am not saying for ever, but just until you hit your goal.  You should have a cheat meal once a week even when you are trying to lose fat.  That would be the appropriate time and place for your sugar.  Read labels and ingredients. I bet you are eating more sugar than you know.  I have so many clients that have lost weight and this was the only step they took. 

2.  Dont eat carbs alone.  Carbs need friends like protein and fats.  This will lower the glycemic index of the carb.  This means less of an insulin spike, which means faster metabolism... fat burn mode... blah blah blah.  Just always accompany your carb choice with fats or protein. 

3.  Try a thermogenic! Sometimes we need a tiny bit of instant gratification to keep our morale up and to stay motivated.  When we see those inches come off it ignites a fire inside us that makes us crave more! So taking a fat burner will help speed up the process to see quicker results.  They also help kick start our metabolism into fat burn mode.  Most people starting a new meal plan have slow metabolism and this can take weeks to correct.  Supplementing can help speed things up.  All of our fat burners also provide you with a burst of energy, which is also great for motivation.  If you need helping picking the right thermogenic please ask or email me. 

4.  Eat a complete protein source every 3 to 4 hours.  This will speed up your metabolism.  When your metabolism is running fast then you will quit storing excess calories.  Your body will simply take what it needs then eliminate the rest.  A complete protein source is protein with a full amino acid profile.  This includes meats, eggs, protein powder, and some dairy products.  If you are vegan or vegetarian we now have a vegan protein with a complete amino acid profile. 

5.  Fasted Cardio! This will speed up your metabolism and put you in fat burn mode.  This will only work if you are already eating healthy.  So you cant do fasted cardio every morning then eat like an asshole and expect it to work.  Directions:  wake up, take your thermogenic, prepare your bcaa drink, and walk moderately fast for about 30 to 50 minutes.  This is a low intensity movement.  Your heart rate should be around 60 to 70%.  Sipping the bcaa drink will prevent muscle catabolism and make sure your body is pulling from fat storage to fuel your cardio. 

If you have any questions on nutrition, supplements or fitness please email me.  Also, I am currently looking for transformation project ambassadors.  I am offering significant discounts for those who participate.  Helpful Hint: use code Ginger for extra discount when you check out from our store.  



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