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Becca Marshall - What I eat in a day!

October 07, 2019

Becca Marshall - What I eat in a day!

What I eat in a day

First, I chug water because it’s the best start to the morning. Since our bodies are made up of 60% water, it only makes sense. Next, I NEED caffeine. So, I make a cup of coffee in my Keurig and add a scoop of American Made Nutrition Athlete’s Edge whey protein and a teaspoon of MCT oil for slower digesting. I blend it up with a milk frother and hopefully get to sip it slow, but usually have to put it in a to go cup and rush out the door. My breakfast is usually a protein, a carb, and a healthy fat. An example of this is 1 egg and 3 egg whites, 2 pieces of Ezekial toast, and 2 tablespoons of grassfed butter. If I’m running out the door, I will have an American Made Nutrition Meal Replacement Protein Shake. In this case, I will also just do black coffee since I don’t need added protein. The meal replacement protein contains both significant protein and carbs, which work great for energy in the morning.

Next, I have a morning snack. This usually consists of healthy fats such as mixed nuts and a fibrous fruit like an apple. This type of snack keeps me feeling full and energized throughout the day. Keeping carbs low between meals is very helpful for energy and focus levels.

Lunch consists of a protein, a complex carb, and a healthy fat. An example of this would be grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and a spinach salad with olive oil dressing. Having tons of veggies is important as well, but I will drink my Sport Greens around lunchtime as well to ensure that I am getting enough vegetables. With lunch, I take 3 Birthday Suit capsules for hormone and body fat regulation.

Between lunch and dinner, I eat more healthy fats or just a protein source such as a protein shake. Sometimes, I will combine a scoop of American Made Nutrition Athletes Edge Whey protein with baking powder, an egg, and some water, and make a pancake out of it.

Dinner is similar to lunch but I skip the carb. I will usually have ground turkey and a large salad. With dinner, I take 2 AMN for Girls multivitamin capsules.

At night, if I’m craving something sweet, I will either do nonfat Greek yogurt with some stevia and cinnamon, or if I’m craving something savory, I’ll make 4 egg whites with spices. This is a perfect pre-bedtime snack because the amino acids in protein help build and repair our muscles while we sleep.