Brain Gym

June 06, 2018 2 Comments

Brain Gym

Over the past week I realized I must have talked about brain power and cognitive thinking about a dozen times. Brain power is directly related to performance in exercise and sports.  In college I had a course called brain gym.  It was one of my favorite classes.  We learned the only thing to regenerate new brain cells was physical activity, especially exercises that force you to cross your midline. For example, stepping with your left foot as you simultaneously throw with your right hand. So crossing your midline would be applied in several types of functional training.  When you train like an athlete you are also keeping your brain strong!

Brain health is also directly affected by nutrition.  The delicate balance of good versus bad bacteria in your gut directly affects your cognitive thinking and brain performance.  So not only do we need to fuel our muscles correctly, we need to fuel our brains and maintain a healthy digestive system. 

So in addition to functional exercise I have composed a list of ingredients you should add to your diet for optimal brain power.  In order to keep this blog a bit shorter Im going to bullet point each item on the list. 

First on the list...

1.  Actual Intelligence. Its ok if you are missing this factor because it comes in supplement form.  American Made Nutrition has formulated this amazing intelligence matrix.  I am personally taking it and I love how well it works.  My focus is so clear and I have a nice subtle energy all day.  I also feel very motivated when I take it.  It definitely a cure for my adult ADD.  I will list the ingredients at the bottom and go into detail what each one does. 

2.  Amino Acids

  • They fuel your brain for normal function
  • Take with vitamin C daily for better absorbtion. 

3.  Avacados

  • They improve cognitive function in memory and concentration. 
  • They are packed with vitamin C which helps reduce stress levels.
  • They are a good fat and help regulate blood sugar levels, which is great for burning fat. 

4.  Beets

  • They are packed with nitrates that increase blood flow to the brain. 
  • They increase energy levels and stamina.
  • They reduce inflammation. 

5.  Blueberries

  • They are pumped full of anti-oxidants which protect us from free radicals, stress, and degeneration.
  • They also contain a ton of gallic acid which specifically protects the brain from stress and degeneration.

6.  Bone Broth

  • So this one heals the digestive system and heals the brain. 
  • Its filled with amino acids and improves your memory.
  • Promotes healthy joints.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Helps with food allergies because it heals your gut!

7.  Broccoli

  • Broccoli is really high on Vitamin K and choline which helps with memory.

8. Celery

  • Helps with IBS.  Anything that assist with digestion is great for balancing gut bacteria, which helps improve cognitive thinking.
  • It reduces inflammation in joints.
  • Its a negative calorie so you go nuts and eat as much as you want guilt free.  This applies to pretty much all green vegetables by the way.

9.  Chamomile Tea

  • It improves cognitive thinking during the day by improving the quality of sleep at night. 

10.  Cherry Tomatoes

  • Lycopene has been proven to help improve cognitive thinking over a long period of time, and cherry tomatoes have a high concentration of it in their skin. 

11.  Coconut Oil

  • Prevents memory loss and helps prevent aging.
  • Balances intestinal bacteria.
  • Its a mega anti-inflammatory. 
  • You can cook it at high temperatures with out losing benefits.

12.  Dark Chocolate

  • Improves blood flow to brain and heart. 
  • Full of anti-oxidants.
  • When picking it make sure its 70% or higher to get full benefits.

13. Egg Yolks

  • This healthy source of fat contains a chemical the produces your "happy" hormones. 

14.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • It improves your memory and ability to learn.
  • Reverses aging!
  • It fights against proteins that are toxic to your brain. 
  • Its best used cold.  When cooked at high temperatures it loses its benefits.

15. Leafy Greens

  • They help prevent dementia and slow down mental deterioration. 

16. Pumpkin Seeds

  • They enhance your memory. 
  • They promote a healthy serotonin production. 

17. Rosemary

  • This delicious herb protects the brain from degeneration.
  • The high levels of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties also keep your eyesight from deteriorating. 

18.  Salmon

  • This fantastic source of Omega-3 helps get rid of brain fog.
  • Improves memory and focus.
  • Helps prevent cancer and kills tumors.
  • Look for wild caught salmon because farm raised contains high levels of mercury.

19.  Tumeric

  • This is my favorite source for anti-inflammatory. Its very powerful and does not damage kidneys or liver.
  • It also improves oxygen intake to the brain.

20.  Walnuts

  • This nut helps prevents alzheimer's and improves mental alertness.  
  • Its also full of anti-oxidants. 

So here are 20 things to add to your diet that will improve your brain power plus have several other healthy benefits.  If you have a hard time concentrating or have ever suffered a concussion please consider adding these foods to your diet. Below I am going to go over the ingredients of the Actual Intelligence supplement incase you're interested.  I absolutely love it and dont use a pre-work out anymore.  I take this daily and use my Amino Hydro.  

Actual Intelligence Breakdown      


This peptide starts working immediately. It instantly provides a cognitive boost.  Its also used to treat age related mental decline. 


This amino acid is found in green tea.  It transmits nerve impulses to the brain.  It also helps prevent alzheimer's and boost the power of cancer drugs.

Octopamine hcl

This a weight loss aid that boosts your energy and focus.  It also helps prevent loss of muscle tissue and lean body tissue.


When fatty acid is broken down in certain plants it releases this chemical.  It's used to treat alzeimer's.  It increases acetylcholine, which is a chemical important for learning and memory function. 


This stimulates your central nervous system while enhancing your memory and cognitive thinking.  It also increases production in the hormones that allow you to perform under stress.  It increases your pain threshold and decreases your perceived pain.  This will allow you to train past your typical fatigue.

Hyperzine A

It comes from Chinese club moss.  Its used to increase memory and improve learning ability.  It prevents age related memory impairment.  It will increase your mental awareness and boost your energy.  It protects your nerves for agents that cause damage too. 

Synephrine hcl

This comes from bitter orange plant.  Its a thermogenic used to improve mental focus.  It also helps with concentration and increases energy levels.

So thats a simple breakdown of Actual Intelligence supplement.  If you have any questions please email me.  If you need help with a nutrition or fitness plan let me know. I hope you have a productive day!

Here's a link to the supplement. You can use code ginger for a discount.


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Nicole carrillo
Nicole carrillo

January 23, 2019

Love the information and breakdown of certain foods along with their health benefits . What better way to learn why and how I can incorporate these foods into my meals more .. Thank you so much Ginger!!


June 07, 2018

I’d like to understand why I’m not seeing the scale move much at all, even tho I’m doing cardio and weights 4-5 days a week, I’m eating very good(no sugars, low/no carb and high protein) lots of water and veggies. I “seem” thinner, and I know my weight is way too high for my height.

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