Cardio Vs Weight training

May 22, 2018 1 Comment

Cardio Vs Weight training

First let me say the word cardio is obtuse. Technically anything challenging your heart rate is training your cardiovascular system.
So the word cardio is used as a general term for jumping on a treadmill or recumbent bike. This is a great method of training for endurance.
This will help with stamina and energy. You should only exercise for 40-60 minutes at a time. If you need to train longer, say for a race, then you need to refuel so your body does not burn through your muscle mass.

Weight training also challenges your heart rate. It actually fluctuates your heart rate, which is ideal for fat loss.  Elevating your heart rate then allowing it to slow down is how your body burns fat. So when you lift weights you pick a weight that challenges you enough to spike your heart rate, then complete 8-15 repetitions. Then you rest only as long as it takes for your heart rate to lower, but not to resting.  It takes about 20 minutes to warm your heart up for fat burn mode. So with lifting weights we are burning fat, gaining strength, and improving our cardiovascular system... multitasking to reach 3 health goals!

Muscle is what actively burns calories for us. So the more we have, the more calories we are burning constantly.  So why do people think they are losing more weight when they do cardio?  Well they probably are...😱 You May actually be losing water weight and muscle with some fat. That’s why you see the significant number decrease on the scale. You can not use the scale as an accurate measure of fat loss, especially if doing just cardio. Your body fat can remain the same as the number on the scale goes down. This means the percentage of your body composition that is fat is actually still not decreasing. We want to lose fat, not just “weight”.

I always tell my clients to stay off the scale, and take progress pictures weekly. Im going to help you change your body composition and bring your body fat percentage down. This will give you the lean tone appearance that is desired.

Not all weight lifting has to be done from a gym.  Using your own body weight, some resistant bands, dumbbells and medicine ball can is enough resistance to get started with your new body goals.  I suggest starting off with three to four complete body work outs a week.  To get you started I have designed a full body work out from home below.

Warm up with some full range of motion movements like jumping jacks and windmills.

Lets stat with 10 reps and 3 sets of each exercise.  Remember to only rest until your heart rate lowers.  Then start back up again.  If 10 reps doesnt spike your heart rate then try super setting it with the next exercise. (Superset means two exercises back to back as one set.)

Jump Pull ups - Strict if you are stronger

Lunge backward and then kick forward- 10 each leg, you can alternate legs to really get your heart rate up

Push ups- If you are not strong enough yet try placing your hands on an elevated surface

Squat jumps- If you can jump then lift your knee up as you stand back up and keep your foot flexed

T-planks- You can make these more challenging by adding dumbbells.  Make sure to do 10 each side.

Squatted side steps- Squat down then from that position take a step to the side and then step again bringing your knees together. You can stay squatted for more of a challenge or you can stand up after each step and squat back down. Take 5 steps in each direction or 10 if youre a stud.

Chair dips- If these come easy to you then elevate your feet as you do them.  For even more of a challenge add a bag of rice to your lap as you do them. 

Hamstring and glute press- Lay on your back and place your feet about 6 inches from your butt.  Lift your hips up toward the ceiling and squeeze your glutes.  For more of a challenge use only one leg and and keep the other leg straight and up.  I like to do this one on a stability ball. 

Now you are all done! I have a 90 day program that can be completed from home. It also comes with a nutrition guide.  Click the link below to check it out.  Dont forget to sip on amino acids while completing your work out. Let me know if you need help designing a plan to reach your health goals.

 Dont forget to use code Ginger for orders! 

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May 22, 2018

Great article I follow you on IG and love your posts your pics sre absolutely amazing sexy fit and strong. Do you do programs for men or just women. Thanks

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