Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad
Ginger Kutschbach May 14, 2018

I love this dish for Summer time!  It has a refreshing healthy flavor. 

So this weeks nutrition tip is about carbohydrate placement.  I place the bulk of my carbs in my first few meals of the day.  We need energy to get us through the day, which carbs provide.  I dont want to eat extra calories in the evening that I may not burn off or use before bed either.  So I usually just eat protein and veggies for meal 5, leaving out all major carb sources.  I dont cut the carbs from my diet, just place them earlier in the day. 

Salads and veggie medleys are a perfect pairing with your evening protein choices. Greens are considered negative calories, which means you burn more calories digesting them then you are eating.  So go H.A.M on the veggies to fill up and make salads of epic portion sizes.

This salad has a unique flavor which helps prevent bored tastebuds.  When bulk prepping salads make sure you dont put the dressing on until you're ready to eat it.  

First grill the chicken.  I keep the seasoning simple because the flavor of the salad doesn't need help.  I use olive oil, salt and pepper and grill them then set them aside.

For the salad: 

Baby spinach leaves

Baby mixed greens

Pint of strawberries- quartered or cut into 3rds

 small bag trail mix with dried fruit and nuts

small container goat cheese

balsamic glaze

olive oil

I mix the greens together in a big bowl and divide into 6 containers.  Then divide strawberries, trail mix and cheese evenly among the container. Add in proper chicken portions.  When you're ready to eat drizzle with balsamic glaze and add about a teaspoon of olive oil.  Yummy! 


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