Hair, Skin and nails

July 10, 2018

Hair, Skin and nails

We all know beauty starts from the inside, however, when we think of hair, skin and nail care we think of topical products.  So we spend $100 to $1000 monthly on vanity products trying to slow the aging process.  While this is important, its equally important to nourish from the inside too.  Nutrition is a big part of hair growth, nail growth and clear skin. The topical products need assistance from the inside too, they dont work alone.  

Choosing healthy fats, lean proteins and of course eating veggies daily all contribute to our outward beauty.  As we age our bodies natural functions do not work as properly either.  It gets harder for our bodies to retain moisture, fight environmental stressors, and produce collagen.  All things needed for youthful appearance.  

So listen up Queens I have put together some tips to add to your beauty regimen, because you all deserve to feel confident in your birthday suit.

1.  Proper diet is number 1... I talk to you ladies daily helping you with nutrition plans and 99% of you are not eating enough for vital organ function and growth.  Gurrrrl your bodies are starving!  Every time I say this it blows peoples mind.  Im not going to go into how it works, just what you need. Protein and a complete amino acid profile.  Yassss bish you need to eat more protein.  The average woman needs at least 15g to 25g every 3 hours.  If you are vegan then supplement with amino drink or a vegan protein that has a complete amino profile.  

2.  We all know to eat our veggies daily.  We have been told since we were three. Here I am telling you again.  Leave the excuses behind with the faded memories of past lovers bc no one cares, and get to munching on those fresh or steamed veggies. In fact, go HAM on the veggies.  Every meal 5 I eat a salad that could feed 4, or grilled veggies drizzled in oil based dressing. Heads up 1 zucchini is not designed for 3 people. Think portion sizes of 1 zucchini per person plus other complimentary veggies. 

3.  I dont know about yall but I feel like I am constantly managing stress.  Wether its a woman thing, mom thing, or life thing, its a part of my life.  If you too are managing stress then honey you need extra... yes eating veggies alone is not enough for you. You need to supplement.  Some take a multivitamin, but I prefer my cosmo vitamin.  Its like a multivitamin but geared toward hair, skin and nail care.  It has the proper amounts of nutrients to keep my parts healthy, glowing and most important growing.  Unwanted side effect, I have to shave my legs more often and get my nails done more often because they are growing as fast as the unwanted weeds in my garden.

4.  Drink water. We need to hydrate for soooooo many reasons.  Staying hydrated helps carry the nutrients to the places needed in our bodies.  It also helps flush out toxins that cause aging. So drink water!!!! Take your weight then divide the number by 2.  The answer is how many ounces of water you need daily for your body.  Example- 150lbs divided by 2= 75.  Drink 75 ounces of water daily. 

5.  Stay away from processed foods and refined sugar.  Ugh... not only do these pack on unwanted pounds, but they contribute to aging and skin break outs.  I know as a women about once a month we can have sweet cravings and if we dont satisfy the craving we can say things out of hanger that we later end up apologizing for. Well here's the good news... Eat dark chocolate!  Insert heart face emoji here. Dark chocolate is actually good for you and your skin!!!!!! Obviously you need to have some moderation at read the portion sizes, but its great for cravings and healthy.  Make sure its 70% or higher though.  

Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle... but I am not done.  Im going to drop some more knowledge, back to my Cosmo Vitamin....mmmmhhhmmm I have broken down the vitamins and their role in your health care.  Dont worry its brief and bulleted bc I know youre busy. 

Vitamin A- 

  • Collagen production
  • heals damaged skin
  • reduces wrinkles
  • helps skin glands produce sebum
  • needed for bone growth

B vitamins-

  • convert food to energy
  • needed for red blood cell production
  • keeps skin moist
  • assist cells in carrying oxygen and nutrients
  • Vegans- only good sources are animal products so you need a supplement to help

Vitamin C-

  • fights free radicals
  • needed to produce collagen
  • helps the body absorb iron

Vitamin D-

  • helps skin cell growth
  • repairs skin cells
  • destroys free radicals
  • creates new follicles 
  • need it to absorb calcium

Vitamin E-

  • repairs and builds tissue
  • antioxidant
  • prevents oxidative stress
  • fights wrinkles
  • study shows it has dramatic effects in hair growth


  • essential for growth
  • helps red blood cells carry oxygen


  • assist in cell reproduction
  • prevents unwanted hair shedding
  • assist in tissue growth
  • keeps oil glads functioning


  • reduces skin related stress
  • helps body absorb nutrients
  • stimulates growth
  • prevents hair loss

Manganese Chelate

  • needed for bone and connective tissue formation
  • helps with calcium absorption
  • needed for collagen production
  • fights free radicals

So that is the vitamin break down in Cosmo.  Let me know if you have any questions or need help with nutrition and fitness.  Email me at ginger@americanmadenutriton

Heres a direct link to Cosmo vitamin... use code ginger for a discount

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