The Importance of Gut Health

April 07, 2021

The Importance of Gut Health

During the Intermittent Fasting (IF) period on a keto diet the gut has the chance to regenerate and heal. By breaking down and removing unwanted food particles within the digestive tract and bloodstream. The lining of the digestive tract can rebuild and improve its integrity before food is then reintroduced (Swaine 2020).

The keto diet does eliminate certain foods, as discussed before, such as fruits, starchy vegetables, and grains. When we eliminate those particular items that are high in fiber, there will be some type of adjustment to the intestines and the digestive process. Microorganisms amongst the digestive tract are known as gut microbiomes.

The initial transition into ketosis will most likely promote an irregularity in these microbiomes. Constipation will most likely occur when lacking fiber, and diarrhea occurs when there is too much fiber. However, once you successfully switch over into ketosis and find what foods work for you, your bowels will become more regulated (Link 2019).  

Kim's Personal Experience With Gut Health

As some of you may already know I am a rather blunt and honest individual, so let's get a little more personal!

Before I switched over into keto, I was never regular with my bowel habits. This irregularity began dating back from when I first started nursing school. Between stress, working long shifts, and my diet I could never seem to find what works for me. I was either constipated for days, had diarrhea, or I couldn't figure out the types of food that was causing these irregularities.

However, since keto and the initial transition, my bowels have never been so regular before in my life. As I knew the transition was going to cause even more problems; I immediately began utilizing the Daily Cleanse by American Made Nutrition.

How American Made Nutrition Daily Cleanse Helped Kim Transition To Keto

AMN Daily Cleanse has been a staple in my daily routine. When looking at the ingredients within this product, many of the ingredients are known to aid the digestive system as well as reducing inflammation.

For example, dandelion root is actually a soluble fiber found in plants, which supports the growth and maintenance of a healthy intestinal tract. Moreover, milk thistle, which is primarily composed of silymarin, is known for working as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

The ability to maintain a properly functioning digestive tract is crucial for any individual throughout any type of diet, but especially when transitioning to keto.

Sometimes we need help to rid the toxins and cleanse the liver, which is why I consistently take the Daily Cleanse every single day. This is not a product that you can take here and there when you feel like you need it.

For example, if the doctor prescribes you ten days’ worth of antibiotics then you need to take them consistently for ten days until it's gone. You can't just stop taking antibiotics when you are feeling better! The Daily Cleanse works in a similar way and you get the full benefits when taken daily (American Made Nutrition 2020).

So, as I had previously mentioned above, your gut health has a lot to do with inflammation, whether or not you adopt a ketogenic lifestyle. Inflammation occurs due to our body responding to something stressful such as an injury. With an injury, there's also redness, swelling, pain, and impaired body functions.

As the inflammatory response can be rather lengthy and detailed. The digestive tract plays a large role amongst the body's inflammatory response to fight against unwanted pathogens.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we are responsible for keeping a well-balanced gut with the foods we ingest as well as optimizing it with supplements (Hakansson and Molin 2011).

How did I figure out what worked to keep my digestive system functioning properly? Primarily through trial and error... You cannot expect to transition over to a high-fat diet without side effects.

That's why I have been stressing about the importance of whole foods on a ketogenic diet, while still eliminating processed or pre-packaged foods. Again, this process is going to take time to learn, adjust, and figure out your own body then you can make adjustments as you go!

If you want to learn more about Daily Cleanse, check out it's product page for a complete ingredient breakdown!