It's Bulking Season and Im getting fluffy!

September 11, 2018 1 Comment

It's Bulking Season and Im getting fluffy!

Im feeling the itch and its time to compete on a Pro level again.  Im not ready to compete in the December Show bc of personal obligations, however, I am going to prep like I am.  This will show me what I need to do for the April show I would like to step on stage for.

What it takes to compete:  Structure, Discipline, and Consistency

If youre not being consistent then its hard to know what changes you need to make to reach your goals. 

You need a well devised plan to follow.  It will help you hold yourself accountable and schedule a head so you dont get in your own way with some silly excuse.

Discipline is usually the hardest thing to master in any health journey. Your discipline level will determine your success though.  You have to be fully committed to the plan and never stray.  You will need to be mentally stronger than you can imagine.  The personal growth that happens during a prep is probably my favorite part.

To start my prep Im going to reverse diet.  I want to get my metabolism used to processing lots of calories so that when I start to cut I dont need to be calorie deficit for my size.  I will be eating more each week for 4 weeks.  So youre going to see this #fitmom get "fluffy."  Each week I will blog my experiences, diet and training schedules.  So you can follow along and try it with me if you want!  

This week is already starting off like shit since we got 8 inches of rain and my basement was filled with water for the 3rd time this summer.  So Im literally drowning in issues already.  Im not going to let it get in my way though. 

Below is my schedule of weekly diet and training.  Ive included supplements Im taking too. You will notice I am creatine loading this week as well.  If you have any questions about anything please email me-  If my fluffy transformation inspires you in anyway to buy supplements, please use my code Ginger.  It will encourage me to keep putting out free info. LOL 


Wake up- take birthday suit

Meal 1- 2 Whole eggs, 1/2c of egg whites, 2oz turkey kelbasa, chopped veggies all scrambled

Reduced sugar oatmeal

Protein- 37g

Carbs- 24g

Fats- 16g

Supplements- Actual Intelligence, cosmo, omega 3, 5g of creatine with my oj


Meal 2- quest bar & coconut water

Protein- 21g

Carbs- 33g

Fats- 7g


Pre-work out Axe & Sledge fuel pump mixed with coconut water 11oz mini and 5g of creatine,

½ dose of birthday suit


While training I sip on Amino Hydro


Meal 3

Post training shake & a glass of OJ (natural) or an apple

1 greek yogurt no sugar added, 2oz aloe juice, 1 scoop protein (I am currently trying the vegan product we offer), super greens, glutamine, 1 cup of frozen berries, almond milk to fill line

50g of protein

64g of carbs

Add 5g of creatine to smoothie


Meal 4- 6oz chicken breast, 1 cup of jasmine rice,

Protein- 36g

Carbs- 61g

Fats- 6g


Meal 5- 5 oz chicken breast and bag of salad

Protein- 42g

Carbs- 18g



Right before bed

Meal 6- protein shake and almond milk, 5g of creatine


Daily Consumption- 2,459 calories

Protien- 206g

Carbs- 226g

Fats- 90g

Roughly a 30%, 30% 30% ratio


Week 1 Training

Training this week.  Each muscle group pick 4 exercises and do 4 to 5 sets increasing the weight on each set.  I will end around 6 to 8 reps on the 2nd to last set, and on the last set I will do a dropset.

Then I will circuit 3 different exercises still focusing on that muscle group and including core.  I will do a strength move, a core move, then an endurance move.  I will circuit through 3 to 4 times and then complete another circuit in the same format.  Each session should take 30 to 60 minutes.


Monday- chest

Incline dumbbell bench, barbell bench, pec fly, cable press

Circuits- stability ball push up with a pike, leg lifts with a spit, burpee kick outs

(I only did one circuit today bc Im a loser who only had 30 minutes to train.) My chest still hurts so eat my shorts.


Tuesday- Back

Lat pull down with a wider grip, seated row narrow grip, high row with a cable, bent over row with dumbbells

Circuit- ring pull ups, butterfly sit ups, kettle bell swings

Circuit- manmakers, ab wheel, rope slams

Hockey game


Wednesday- Arms

Single arm preach curls, single arm skull crushers, barbell curls, tricep ext overhead with barbell

Circuit- Dumbbell curls, scissor kicks, dips

Circuit- tricep dumbbell ext, roll up and touch toes, jump chin ups


Thursday- Legs

Quad extensions, hamstring curls, hack squat, leg press

Circuit- dead lift, knees to elbows, box jumps

Circuit- Split squat, sideways bear crawl, jump lunges

I must really hate myself for this one bc im walk like I wore a rape me sign in jail for a week after this damn work out.


Friday- Shoulders

Front raise breast stroke, side raise breast stroke, standing arnolds, face pulls

Circuit- pike press, plank for 1 minute, jump jacks with dumbbell

Circuit- handstand walks, bicycles for a minute, battle ropes for 30


Saturday- Sleep in, die, take a coma, maybe cut the grass, go to home depot I don’t know if we will have time. Partake in libations if still alive.

Sunday- play hockey, eat pancakes, do laundry, brush your kid, feed the cat, eat glorious cheat meal which may or may not be cake.


Dont judge me too harsh on my before pictures. LOL Im currently already a bit fluffy from pumpkin beer and comfort food on the weekends with the family. I included flexing pics so you can notice my weekly differences in muscle definition as my body changes.  Ill be posting my my pics on my IG account and facebook @amnforher page too.  Please email if you are following along. Its always more fun to have a buddy to do it with even if they are online.  


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Rob Richardson
Rob Richardson

September 12, 2018

Thanks for sharing this excellent information! Good luck with your preparation!!

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