November 04, 2019



When people began to talk to me about Keto, and when I started to do a little research of my own, I have to admit that one of my first thoughts was “Okay I can’t drink? I’m out.” I thought that wasn’t a realistic way of living and that’s simply not the case! All you have to do to be successful (and still have a healthy social life!) is to be smart with the choices you make and just get a little more creative. The goal of this article is to provide you with options to make this easy; I listed some basics so you know just how simple this really is!


Diet Tonic Water – 0g Carbs

Diet Soda – 0g Carbs

Club Soda – 0g Carbs (order a vodka soda and bring a Mio in your purse to squirt in and you’re good to go)

Sparkling ICE – 0g Carbs

Crystal Lite Packets – 0g Carbs (order a vodka and water and mix these bad boys in for delicious lemonade)

White Claw Hard Seltzer (not really a mixer) – 2g Carbs


Bud Select 55 – 1.9g

Miller 64 – 2.4g

Michelob Ultra – 2.6g

Bud Select 55 – 1.9g

Miller Lite – 3.2g

Coors Light – 5.0g

Corona Light – 5.0g

WINE (roughly 5oz.)


Pinot Noir – 3.0 g

Merlot – 4.0g

Cabernet Sauvignon – 4.0g

Syrah – 4.0g

Zinfandel – 4.2g


Brut Champagne – 2.5g

Sparkling White – 2.8g

Sauvignon Blanc – 3.0g

Chardonnay – 3.0g

Pinot Grigio – 4.0g

Like I mentioned before, these are definitely not all of the options, but they are a wonderful starting point! As always, drink in moderation – especially if you’re using mixers. Though they may be low in carbs they can still contain a lot of empty calories and will sneak up on you quick. As a general rule, all UNFLAVORED vodka, gin, rum (not spiced!), tequila, whiskey/bourbon, and brandy will have 0g of carbs – so these are wonderful to start with! We are constantly thinking all day about millions of things, the last thing we need to do is go out to have a good time and end up stressing about what you’re drinking. So relax, and know there are many options and hacks that won’t kick you out of your well-deserved and well-earned state of ketosis!