Ketogenic Diet Supplements

June 03, 2020

Ketogenic Diet Supplements

By: @kimdautrich

There are supplements that I routinely take day-to-day for supplementation when needed. Products I use are either from Axe and Sledge, or American Made Nutrition.

Hydration- Whether or not I work out I drink Axe and Sledge’s The Grind, for the amino acids, twice a day. The Grind has minimal carbohydrates per scoop, but this should not affect you unless you are drinking more than the recommended amount which is two scoops a day. Along with The Grind I drink at least a gallon, or more, of water a day.

Digestive Health- The Daily Cleanse by American Made Nutrition is part of my daily routine. Daily Cleanse helps regulate the digestive system, as well as alleviate bloating. It does not make you immediately go to the bathroom like a laxative. Daily Cleanse is simply used to cleanse your body of toxins while supporting your digestive health. This may be redundant, but water is a must all throughout the day regardless of your diet. Water aids in your digestive system to continue to flow and work properly. 

Protein- The new AMN vegan protein, Vegamn, is a nice alternative to other protein powders. Along with it being vegan it also contains less carbohydrates and less protein. For females this is great as we do not necessarily need that twenty-five to thirty- grams of protein per scoop; especially, if your goal is to build a more lean and toned body composition. Just like Axe and Sledge’s Farm Fed protein, Vegamn also contains a digestive enzyme as well to aid in the digestion system. I mix my protein powder with six- to eight- ounces of unsweetened almond milk. Sometimes I like to add peanut butter or keto-friendly granola depending on what I am in the mood for.

Joint/Hair/Skin Health- Adding in AMN’s Collagen Peptides as well to my shakes for joint and bone health is also routine for me. Collagen Peptide is a supportive supplement that aids in repair and renewing of body tissues such as skin, bone, and joints. It also aids in the reproduction of new collagen fibers. Aside from the rejuvenating benefits it is bioavailable and easily digestible. Collagen Peptides is unflavored by AMN; thus, you cannot taste it allowing it to mix extremely well. This powder is super easy to add to any type of liquid you are drinking, protein shake, or hot coffee. I am a huge believer in Collagen Peptides. This is a great substitute since I do not take daily hair, skin, and nail supplements.  

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)- AMN’s CLA supplement is a natural fatty acid that is derived from safflower oil. This specific supplement is shown to improve one's body composition along with maintaining lean muscle mass. It is also proven to aid in fat loss while improving your metabolism and remaining stimulant-free.

Pre-workouts- Obviously, Demo Day is a no-go while on keto as it is powdered carbohydrates. Normally when we consume carbohydrates prior to a workout, it fills and fuels your muscles with water creating that “pump” you are looking for. On keto, our muscles are being fueled with fat, not carbohydrates, thus Demo Day wouldn’t be as beneficial. Instead, you may take Hydraulic from Axe and Sledge if you like that stimulant-free pre-workout. If needed Ignition Switch or 7th gear, also by Axe and Sledge, are allowed. As for me, I drink a lot of coffee so those products are not necessary for my routine. I get a pump, regardless, even when I do not take a pre-workout. If anything, I would drink KetoFlo prior to a workout, or even during, to provide me with that energy as well as BHB salts. 

BHB Salts- KetoFlo, by AMN, is an energy supplement that I take daily. I may take it before or during a workout, or I might drink this throughout the mornings during my intermittent fasting days. KetoFlo does not contain any artificial sweeteners or fillers. It aids in energy boosts, as well as boosting your exogenous ketone levels, for your body to use as fuel. KetoFlo can also reduce craving which is great for intermittent fasting. KetoFlo comes in the following delicious flavors Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, and Clementine.

CropTop- CropTop is a supplement that I take intermittently depending on my routine for the day. For example, if I know I am going on vacation in two weeks I will begin taking CropTop. Prior to leaving, I will take two tablets twice a day for two weeks leading up to vacation. This is a natural diuretic supplement to aid in reducing water retention; it also aids in weight loss and reducing bloating symptoms. CropTop is also helpful when you come back from a vacation. For women this can also alleviate bloating during their monthly cycle. CropTop makes you sweat like crazy, so be sure to continue to keep yourself hydrated. Diuretics allow your body to rid water and sodium, which are both essential to keto. 

Skinny Jeans- Skinny Jeans is a thermogenic supplement specifically made for women. You can take two tablets before any cardio or workout followed by another tablet later in the day. I take Skinny Jeans if I feel like I just want to sweat more than usual, or need a little boost in my cardio sessions in the morning while fasting.

Aside from all of these amazing supplements, I cannot stress enough on the importance of water! I know it is repetitive but with keto, water and sodium are crucial. Your ketone levels can alter if you are dehydrated as well as not feeling the full benefits of keto when you are dehydrated. Make sure you are staying properly hydrated so you can get the most out of your daily routine!

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