Meet Kim Dautrich!

May 22, 2020

Meet Kim Dautrich!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kim Marie, or just Kim for short. I am Bob’s wife, if you all know Bob, he is the handsome guy with the mustache. Before we get started, I wanted to say, “Thank you,” for taking the time to read my blog. Throughout this blog, I will be sharing my health and fitness journey, and how I adopted the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Over the last several years my life feels like it has literally flipped upside down. From moving to different cities to changing careers. Surprisingly, these changes have led me to a better version of myself! Bob and I currently live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We moved to Pittsburg in October of 2018 from Reading, Pennsylvania. My family moved to Reading from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when I was a child. I first met Bob when we were fifteen years old. We have been together for so long; I am starting to lose track of how many years it’s been. This year we will be celebrating our seventh year of marriage.

Growing up I played soccer and due to my athleticism, I have always been a “thicker” girl. I played on elite teams, Olympic development program teams, and multiple club teams. During both my freshman year and senior year of high school I blew my left knee out. Which resulted in anterior cruciate ligament injury, medial collateral ligament injury, posterior cruciate ligament injury­, and the meniscus and contusions of tibia/fibula. Due to these injuries that I obtained during my senior year; it was obvious that I would not be playing soccer again. After this second surgery, my physical therapy was cut short due to jumping into nursing school. Although that was rather upsetting to me, I think to myself every day that things truly do happen for a reason. Perhaps if these events did not happen, I wouldn't have gone so far into my nursing career; and helped accomplish what Bob and I have built together throughout all these years.

My journey began when I went to school for nursing and became a registered nurse in 2010. I started my nursing career in the neuro/stroke unit for several years, and then transferred to labor and delivery. I absolutely loved working on the labor and delivery unit, it was a job like no other. This job brought many mixed emotions: happy, depressing, adrenalin ridden, soothing, inspiring, and life changing all at the same time. I was working in the labor and delivery department up until we moved.

Meet Kim Dautrich

I cannot remember a time when I wasn't in school, and I am certain Bob would attest to that statement. I worked full-time during each degree, so the timing was longer than expected to finish school. My regular, full-time, work schedule consisted of twelve-hour shifts at the hospital. On days that I wasn’t working, I was in clinical full-time for an additional eight to ten hours out of the day. After work or clinical, I would come home and do more schoolwork. I received my bachelor’s in nursing in 2014, and my master’s as a family nurse practitioner in May of 2018. While I was pursuing my master’s degree, the companies: All American Roughneck and Axe & Sledge were launched. During the beginning stages of the companies; Bob would be gone for weeks working in Pittsburgh. While Bob was gone, I spent most of my time at my parents’ house. It just made more sense to be with my family; simply due to the fact that they made my life easier. My family helped me with meals, watching our dog (Luna), along with providing the love and companionship that I was missing while Bob was gone. During this time, my parents and I developed a stronger bond. My family and I had a lot of fun together, and I will cherish those memories. As the companies of AAR and Axe & Sledge were growing, along with my graduation fast approaching, Bob and I knew the eventual move was coming.

Kim Dautrich with her dog "Luna"

Before we moved, I accepted a position as a nurse practitioner in Pittsburgh. What I thought would be a lifelong career as a nurse practitioner, my journey took me elsewhere. I will remain certified by continuing my registered nurse and nurse practitioner credits. Bob and I are now owners of a fifty-five-acre farm, our dream house, managing the property will be my new full-time job. Living with us on the farm is Luna, our almost eight-year-old Alaskan Malamute, and one Guinea Hen. I love calling the hen, “Guin!” Bob and I plan to get more farm friends soon, once COVID-19 subsides.

Something you should know about me is that I truly love life in all aspects. I am loud, boisterous, love food, singing, dancing, and just having fun! I am an Irish girl from Philly, I can’t help that loving life is in my blood! 


I will continue to reiterate throughout this blog to everyone that, although I am a healthcare professional. I am not a certified nutritionist, registered dietician, a certified fitness instructor, nor did I attend special classes on the Ketogenic Diet. Some of you may agree or disagree with the things I have to say, and that is okay. I am simply sharing my experience with you. So, if you decide to follow along, welcome to my journey and let's do this!