Nutrition and Traveling

April 03, 2018

I am often asked if it's realistic to stick to a healthy nutrition plan with a lifestyle of traveling or going on vacation... Yes it is!  Just like meal prepping its going to take some consideration and preparations in advance.  

As a mother traveling with a kid I usually figure out if we are doing Airbnb or hotel first.  The airbnb route is more ideal for a nutritionally fit lifestyle.  This means I will have access to a kitchen and we dont have to rely on eating out all the time.  So my first tips are for a destination equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette.  

Once I have arrived and settled in I usually take a trip to the local grocery store.  I always start with breakfast because its the easiest.  We get liquid eggs, pre-cooked turkey sausage, small almond milk, and either a small bag of granola cereal or fruit.  This covers protein, carbs, and fats for the mornings.  

Then I pick on the go meal options that also cover our macros.  I usually go for quest bars, ostrim sticks, jerky, apples, and trail mix.  These all easily fit into my purse or back pack. ( I recently discovered they also fit into a fanny pack.  If you need help shopping for a proper fanny pack please consult Dennis Jackson.  He is a connoisseur of the abhorred fanny pack and can help match you to the perfect pack addressing all fanny packing needs. )

Next I get yogurts because they are quick, easy, and cheap.  If you're eating six small meals a day then this is an excellent source of macros for traveling and take up little space in a fridge. 

So breakfast, yogurts, and snacks take care of 3 to 4 meals.  I usually tend to eat out at least once a day when on vacation.  This is where you need to chose wisely.  Most restaurants serve some kind of white meat and rice side dish.  If thats not available I go to the salad section and pick a tasty green dish.  

Finally, just like at home my last meal is usually a protein shake.  I pre-portion my protein into plastic zip lock bags, then store it in my shaker.  I have fit up to 6 servings in one shaker.  I pack my aminos in my carry on because I use them all day for extra hydration and to fuel when I work out while traveling.  Incase you're wondering I have never been stopped by airport security for traveling with pre-rolled baggies of white powder in my carry on.  Im guessing this is a typical thing for TSA to see.  (Side note:  Aminos are a lovely addition to vodka and water and look completely normal in a shaker.)

If you dont have a kitchen or kitchenette while traveling then you cant cook breakfast, but you can easily pick healthy options in a breakfast buffet or eat yogurts. Also look for a grocery store with a salad bar or hot food section.  I get two portion sizes per meal container and store it in my mini fridge. Then boom,  its like I have a prepped meal in my mini fridge.  Most grocery stores also have pre-cooked chicken and pre-made salads too.  

When I am on vacation I obviously want to cheat a little more than usual... its vacation and we are supposed to be relaxing.  These few helpful tips keep me mostly on track so I dont return home looking like I may be casted on "I didn't know I was pregnant". 

If you travel frequently than these tips should help keep you on track with your meal plan. If you're just planning a vacation then remember to relax, but keep those snacks handy so your metabolism stays running fast.  If you completely blow it and act like an inmate on death row getting his last meal everyday then dont worry you can always order skinny jeans when you get home.  

Also note that sex is a high calorie burning activity and when done first thing in the morning can be considered fasted cardio... but needs to last longer than 5 minutes. For more questions on eating when traveling or supplements please email me to set up a consult.  

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