Week 2 of fitmom to fluffymom

September 18, 2018

Week 2 of fitmom to fluffymom

Week 2 of getting fluffy... well the bad news is Im not fluffy yet.  I havnt really noticed a difference in my physique from last week to this week.  The pictures are at the bottom. I did side by sides. 

The good news is I get to increase my daily calories  again this week.  Last week my daily increase was just under 500 calorie increase per day.  This week I will aim for another 100 to 200 increase on top of that.  So my daily intake should be just around 2700 calories.  

Its kind of exciting to change up my routine and eat this much food. LOL  I love having an end goal.  Its keeps me focused and motivated.  Plus the science experiment of transforming my body is really neat.  I added almost 500 daily calories and didnt gain weight... lol. In the one picture I even look a tad leaner. 

I weighed in at 144 this morning.  I didnt weigh myself last week...oops. Im done creatine loading and now only using extra 5g a day post work out.  My muscles should be fully saturated with creatine.  I did already notice a difference in training.  I was able to get quite a few more reps at the same weights I did last week.  So I added 5th and 6th sets of higher weights yesterday and will continue to do that this week.  

Toward the end of last week I noticed I wasnt getting as sore either, so I will need to up the intensity of my training too.  I added sprint intervals into my circuits too.  Which by the way is terribly sadistic but really gets my heart rate up!

The training changes I make this week will be increasing weight during training and training in the evening.  I will try to lift heavier then I did last week on my 5th set of the first four exercises.  Next week things will change a bit more. 

The nutritional changes I made were to add more daily calories by increasing my carbs.  I will be having my post training meal later in the day, which means I will be adding simple carbs to meal 5.  This should be physically noticeable in my figure next week. 

If you have questions about the science experiment Im conducting on myself please email me

Below is this weeks diet and training schedule. 

Week 2

 Wake up- take birthday suit

Meal 1- 2 Whole eggs, 1/2c of egg whites, 2oz turkey sausage, chopped veggies all scrambled

Reduced sugar oatmeal, Orange juice no sugar added

Protein- 38g

Carbs- 39g

Fats- 16g

Supplements- Actual Intelligence, cosmo, omega 3, vitamin c and d


Meal 2- Triple zero oikos cherry yogurt (2), raw pineapple 7 oz

Protein- 31g

Carbs- 52g

Fats- 0g


Pre-work out Axe & Sledge fuel pump mixed with coconut water 11oz mini,

½ dose of birthday suit

Carbs- 15g

While training I sip on Amino Hydro


Meal 3- 6oz chicken breast, 1 cup of jasmine rice,

Protein- 36g

Carbs- 56g

Fats- 0g


Meal 4- 6oz chicken breast, 1 cup of jasmine rice,

Protein- 36g

Carbs- 56g

Fats- 0g


Meal 5

Post training shake & a glass of OJ (natural) or an apple

2oz aloe juice, 1 scoop protein (I am currently trying the vegan product we offer), super greens, creatine, glutamine, 1 cup of frozen berries, almond milk to fill line

47g of protein

59g of carbs

1g of fats



Meal 6- 5 oz chicken breast and bag of salad   or a shake with peanutbutter

Protein- 42g

Carbs- 18g



Daily intake

Protein 239g

Carbs 295g

Fat 73g

2,730 total calories


Week 2 Training

Training this week.  Each muscle group pick 3 to 4 exercises and do 4 to 5 sets increasing the weight on each set.  I will end around 6 to 8 reps on the 2nd to last set, and on the last set I will do a dropset.

Then I will circuit 3 different exercises still focusing on that muscle group and including core.  I will do a strength move, a core move, then an endurance move.  I will circuit through 3 to 4 times and then complete another circuit in the same format.  Each session should take 30 to 60 minutes.


Monday- chest

Incline cable machine press, dumbbell bench, cable pec fly

Circuits- decline push ups, alternating v ups, burpees with push up

2nd- floor dumbbell press with leg lift, pike pushes, sprint 1/10 mile


Tuesday- Back

Lat pull down narrow grip, seated row wide grip, low row standing with cable, lat pull overs

Circuit- ring pull ups, butterfly sit ups, kettle bell swings

Circuit- manmakers, ab wheel, rope slams

Hockey game


Wednesday- Arms

Barbell curls, tricep press, cable curls reverse grip, tricep ext reverse grip

Circuit- Dumbbell curls, scissor kicks, dips

Circuit- tricep dumbbell ext, roll up and touch toes, jump chin ups


Thursday- Legs

Quad extensions, hamstring curls, hack squat, leg press

Circuit- dead lift, knees to elbows, squat jumps

Circuit- Split squat, inch worm, walking lunges



Friday- Shoulders

Front raise breast stroke, side raise breast stroke, standing arnolds, face pulls

Circuit- pike press, plank for 1 minute, jump jacks with dumbbell

Circuit- handstand walks, bicycles for a minute, battle ropes for 30


Saturday- active recovery.... aka stretch and make costumes


Sunday- eat donuts



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