Week 3 Fitmom to fluffymom

September 25, 2018

Week 3 Fitmom to fluffymom

Quick summary for those just joining my journey... I am a WBFF Pro who hasnt competed in over a year.  I am stepping on stage in April for a Pro Show.  I need to know how my body will respond so I am doing a prep with the end date December 4.  This will show me exactly what I need to do in order to bring my best body to stage in April.  

I am doing a 12 week prep and I am in week 3.  I increase my daily calories every week for 4 weeks, then I begin my 8 week bikini prep diet. By increasing my calories I can hopefully add a bit more sized and get my system used to processing so many calories.  Then when I go to cut by the time I reach my last week I should not be calorie deficit but a calorie burning machine.


Week 3 Journal

This past week was a disaster!!! Lol.  Life was super busy and I didnt have enough prepped.  I improvised by eating pita for a carb source and breads instantly bloat me.  However hard it was I got in most of my calories.  This week I will be eating even more calories still!!! I also had time conflicts thrown at me so I had to improvise training sessions as well.  I got all my sessions in, but they were not the ones I wrote for myself.  

The plus side to eating more... my work outs are awesome!!! I have super strength. Lol, well for little ol' me anyway.  Im getting in even more reps at weights I have never lifted.  For example, I did back yesterday.  I started with lat pull downs at a wider grip.  My 5th set I had increased the weight to 180lbs, which I was never able to do with ease before and I cranked out 6 amazing reps.  So I added a 6th set and made it a dropset of 180lbs for 6 reps, 140lbs for 10 reps, and 100lbs for 10 reps.  I felt sooooo strong. It was awesome.  

This is pretty much how all my work outs have been over the last week.  I feel really strong and a little tired all day.  I think the fatigue is due to the substitution for bread over rice.  When our digestive system is working over time it depletes us of energy.  This week im back on track with potatoes as my main carb source.  

I am still taking creatine after every work out and hitting the gym 5 days a week.  My body has grown.  Its hard to tell in pictures but I saw the scale move. I can tell by my clothes that everything feels uncomfortably tight and my butt is about to need its own zip code. 

I have gained 3lbs from last week and my bodyfat is up 1%. I will increase my calories again this week, but not as much as I had before. My stomach is bloated most of the time and I dont want to be unhealthy.  Im still picking healthy sources of calories, minus the pita bread. Next week will be my last time increasing my calories.  Below is my food and fitness journal for the week.  Dont hesitate to ask me any questions!

Wake up- take birthday suit

Meal 1- 2 Whole eggs, 1/2c of egg whites, 2oz turkey sausage, chopped veggies all scrambled

Reduced sugar oatmeal x2

Protein- 37g

Carbs- 57g

Fats- 12g

Supplements- Actual Intelligence, cosmo, omega 3,


Meal 2- roasted pork loin, humus, pita bread (switch to potatoes when I run out)

Protein- 58g


Fats- 34g


Pre-work out Axe & Sledge fuel pump mixed with coconut water 11oz mini and

½ dose of birthday suit


While training I sip on Amino Hydro


Meal 3

Post training shake & a glass of OJ (natural) or an apple

1 greek yogurt no sugar added, 2oz aloe juice, 1 scoop protein (I am currently trying the vegan product we offer), sport greens, glutamine, 1 cup of frozen berries, almond milk to fill line

50g of protein

64g of carbs

Add 5g of creatine to smoothie


Meal 4- 6oz turkey, 300g red potatoes

Protein- 36g

Carbs- 49g

Fats- 1g


Meal 5- 5 oz chicken breast and bag of salad

Protein- 42g

Carbs- 18g



Right before bed

Meal 6- protein shake and almond milk,


Daily Consumption- 3,297 calories

Protien- 281g

Carbs- 283g

Fats- 115g


Roughly a 30%, 30% 30% ratio


Training Schedule... Same as last week just switch back and chest around

Training this week.  Each muscle group pick 4 exercises and do 4 to 5 sets increasing the weight on each set.  I will end around 6 to 8 reps on the 2nd to last set, and on the last set I will do a dropset.

Then I will circuit 3 different exercises still focusing on that muscle group and including core.  I will do a strength move, a core move, then an endurance move.  I will circuit through 3 to 4 times and then complete another circuit in the same format.  Each session should take 30 to 60 minutes.


Monday- chest

Incline dumbbell bench, barbell bench, pec fly, cable press

Circuits- stability ball push up with a pike, leg lifts with a spit, burpee kick outs


 Tuesday- Back

Lat pull down with a wider grip, seated row narrow grip, high row with a cable, bent over row with dumbbells

Circuit- ring pull ups, butterfly sit ups, kettle bell swings

Circuit- manmakers, ab wheel, rope slams

Hockey game


Wednesday- Arms

Single arm preach curls, single arm skull crushers, barbell curls, tricep ext overhead with barbell

Circuit- Dumbbell curls, scissor kicks, dips

Circuit- tricep dumbbell ext, roll up and touch toes, jump chin ups


Thursday- Legs

Quad extensions, hamstring curls, hack squat, leg press

Circuit- dead lift, knees to elbows, box jumps

Circuit- Split squat, sideways bear crawl, jump lunges



Friday- Shoulders

Front raise breast stroke, side raise breast stroke, standing arnolds, face pulls

Circuit- pike press, plank for 1 minute, jump jacks with dumbbell

Circuit- handstand walks, bicycles for a minute, battle ropes for 30


Pics or it didnt happen. Pics on the left are today.


For any questions on supplements I am taking please ask me!


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