Mike Rhoten Dec 20, 2016

BCAAs this and BCAAs that. What gives? They must be pretty important if the jacked guy in the corner of the gym is chugging them daily and the ripped girl doing squats lives by them. So what is it that makes them an everyday habit of these elite athletes?

Let's start simple. BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids. What is their intended use in the fitness universe? 

  1. Prevention of lean muscle mass loss
  2. Muscle recovery and stamina
  3. Regulation of amino acid deficiencies

For anyone that spends a few days per week, to a few hours per day in the gym improving their body and overall well-being, eventually you will get to a point where you almost feel maxed out, like you've hit a ceiling or you just can't climb that next hurdle. BCAAs have been a huge factor in pushing people through the glass ceiling and making the next stride by maximizing the results of their hard work in the gym. If there was not a strict nutrition and supplement plan in place, then that gets kick started while the gym time stays the same and that's when the next-level results are realized.

Failing to plan your diet or supplement intake properly is a critical mistake in taking your body composition or athletic performance to unimaginable heights. BCAAs are often times a supplement foundation of body sculpting or athletic endurance success. Whether you realize it or not, you could be running at a deficiency with room for improvement with the addition of amino acids regularly into your diet.


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