Mike Rhoten Jul 30, 2018


Raymont Edmonds trains back 8 weeks out from the Olympia showdown. Ray talks a little bit about what it would mean to bring the coveted title back home to Pittsburgh while also giving some insight into the "fine tuning" process that comes with being 8 weeks out from the biggest body building stage on earth.

For now, let's keep it simple with:

  1. Carbs down
  2. Cardio up
  3. Listen to the boss - Omar Ventura
  4. Want to know how Ray supplements on a daily basis? Check out the "Ray's O Shred Stack"




  • Posted On August 04, 2018 by Stefon

    Is too late to enter the challenge?

  • Posted On July 31, 2018 by Tony Esco

    Let’s Get it

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