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Benefits of the C19 Immunity Stack

March 24, 2020

Benefits of the C19 Immunity Stack

It’s no secret that it’s now more important than ever to protect your immune system. Aside from the common hand-washing and sanitary precautions, you should be taking extra measures to keep your immune system working at its peak!

Here’s some extra information about each product in the C19 Immunity Stack:

Daily Cleanse

Daily Cleanse is not meant to be a crazy weight-loss type of cleanse, but rather a more subtle detox to make you feel great everyday. In addition to detoxing your body, Daily Cleanse will also help with anti-bloating, support your digestive tract, and increase your metabolism to support weight loss!

Sport Greens

Our apple banana Sport Greens might be our most versatile supplement! Our greens are packed with fruits, vegetables, and added pre and probiotic blends! AMN’S Sport Greens are also dairy free, soy free, Non-GMO, gluten free and vegan.

Omega 3

Fish Oil omegas are most well known for helping support heart health, but here’s a few other things it can do: help fight depression and anxiety, promote brain health, and fight inflammation.


CLA is primarily a weight loss aid, but it also promotes lean muscle mass. CLA fuels your metabolism and enhances your diet.


Dige-Pro is a digestive enzyme and probiotic super blend! The digestive enzyme blend helps break down difficult proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to make more energy and help promote weight loss. Our probiotic formula has 50 billion CFUs to provide a beneficial bacteria balance.

Multi-Vitamin (Choose between Men or Women)

Multi-Vitamins are essential to provide vitamins we may be lacking in our diet. The Men’s and Women’s formula varies from one other to provide exactly what you need for your body!