About us

We are American Made Nutrition (AMN). Our goal is to build a company that makes the world a better place one product at a time!  

American Made Nutrition was founded in 2016. While the brand may be new to the market our experience in manufacturing high quality nutritional supplements is not.  Our goal is to make every person that comes in contact with our company a better person for doing so. We want to help you reach all your fitness goals and create the best version of yourself. This is not only obtained through our NSF/cGMP certified quality supplements, but it's accomplished by becoming a partner with our company and creating a team atmosphere where every person motivates the next.

 We are passionate about health and fitness.  That is how we operate as a company, and that's how we operate with every delivery of our goods. Good enough isn’t enough for us! It takes discipline and commitment to live healthier and train harder day in and day out. Making great supplements is no exception.

One thing every customer can be sure of, when they order a product from us is that with the research and dedication we've put into these formulas.  We have done absolutely everything we could possibly do to help you build the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Life is too short to not maximize your potential.