Train Like A Boss Fit 120

Everyday life hands us circumstances we have to deal with.  Everyday we put on our big girl/boy pants and begin adulting, taking care of stuff, and handling everything that comes our way like a damn boss.  If we want to stay on top of the madness we have to handle our health like boss too...

Train Like a Boss Program is 120 days of isolated weight training with one day of HIIT per cycle.  It runs on an 8 day cycle with two days of rest, yes the boss gets days off.

Each session should take about 45 to 60 minutes. The program comes in book format with each page dedicated to that days session.  You can also record weights and progress in the book.

Fit 120 is designed to increase your muscle strength, sculpt your body, and improve stamina.  It is a very well balanced program that will improve your overall health condition.   It can be followed easily by beginning or intermediate lifters.  It comes with a meal guide explaining the basics on eating to maintain muscle mass and burn fat. 

Click below for a motivational preview of Train Like a Boss.

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